How to Design a
Fatigue Risk Management System

CIRCADIAN® has nearly 30 years of experience in developing and implementing fatigue risk management systems (FRMS). An FRMS is a data-driven, risk-informed, safety performance-based proactive program to mitigate the risks of fatigue in 24/7 operations. An FRMS fits within an organization’s overall health and safety program to create a process that will continually monitor and mitigate fatigue risk.

7 Key characteristics of a successful Fatigue Risk Management System

  1. Science based – Supported by established peer-reviewed science
  2. Data driven – Decisions based on collection and objective analysis of data
  3. Cooperative -- Designed together by all stakeholders
  4. Fully Implemented – System-wide use of tools, systems, policies, procedures
  5. Integrated -- Built into the corporate safety & health management systems
  6. Continuously improved – Progressively reduces risk using feedback, evaluation & modification
  7. Owned – Responsibility accepted by senior corporate leadership

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Developing a FRMS: The 5 Levels of Defense & Tools You Need

FRMS - 5 Defenses

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